Welcome to eConsent at ATHN

ATHN is excited to provide a new electronic informed consent (eConsent) platform that you can access on your smartphone, tablet, or computer anytime, anywhere to complete the informed consent process.

What is informed consent?

Informed consent is a document that is used in medical care settings, as well as research settings that describes a treatment plan or provides information regarding a research study to a patient and their family member(s). Informed consent has historically and predominantly been a paper-based document. Paper-based informed consents that require wet-ink dated signatures are still available, however, the electronic option (discussed below) is becoming more widely used and available, as the electronic format offers a user-friendly interactive interface.

What is electronic informed consent?

Electronic informed consent, or eConsent, offers the same information as paper-based informed consent, however, eConsent benefits patients because it may include audio, visual aids, and short-clipped videos that convey greater understanding of the project compared to paper informed consents. eConsent helps patients obtain a greater understanding of their participation in the study or project. ATHN’s new eConsent platform also provides users with the ability to provide a dated signature in a secure manner.

View this demo of ATHN’s new eConsent solution provided by ClinConsent to gain a better understanding of the platform.

The first ATHN research study that will be using ClinConsent is ATHN 9: Severe VWD Natural History Study. Learn more