Collaborating Community-Based Organizations

ATHN collaborates with community-based organizations (CBOs) working to improve the lives of people affected by blood disorders. Through our shared commitment to supporting the needs of the blood disorders community, together we’re helping to make high-quality care more accessible, promote understanding of blood disorders, and support vital research. We’re proud to be working together.

National Bleeding Disorders Foundation logo

The National Bleeding Disorders Foundation (formerly the National Hemophilia Foundation) is dedicated to finding cures for inheritable blood and bleeding disorders and to addressing and preventing the complications of these disorders through research, education, and advocacy enabling people and families to thrive.

In August 2023, the National Bleeding Disorders Foundation (NBDF) announced its new name after 75 years as the National Hemophilia Foundation.

Today, the foundation serves people across the US with all bleeding disorders, including hemophilia, von Willebrand disease, rare factor deficiencies, and platelet disorders. We support a network of 50 chapters across the country. We have given more than 22 million dollars to bleeding disorders research.  We provide education and support to countless families with bleeding disorders, seek to find resources for undiagnosed women with bleeding disorders, and work tirelessly to protect access to healthcare on the state and local level. Each year, we also award the best and brightest in our community.

ATHN is proud to collaborate with NBDF on a variety of projects to advance research and care for persons and families with bleeding disorders. Please visit for more information about NBDF.


Plasminogen Deficiency Foundation logo

The Plasminogen Deficiency Foundation serves as an important resource for patients with plasminogen deficiency (PLGD) and their families and health care providers. Foundation activities include:

  • Collecting data on PLGD patients to better understand this rare disease
  • Engaging researchers to brainstorm novel ways to approach treatment of PLGD
  • Creating educational materials for both patients and health care professionals
  • Working with government agencies and large national patient advocacy groups to secure support for patients with PLGD

ATHN is pleased to support the efforts of the Plasminogen Deficiency Foundation to increase data collection for people with PLGD. Please visit to learn more about the Foundation.