Providing educational support for ATHN-affiliated HTCs.

ATHN offers a variety of educational webinars to provide training and support for our technology systems, research studies, quality improvement programs and other services. Our webinars, both live and recorded, are designed to engage, update, and assist hemophilia treatment centers (HTCs), researchers, and other stakeholders involved in ATHN projects. ATHN also supports online continuing education of nurses and other health care professionals through the Partners in Bleeding Disorders Education curriculum.

Here are some of the available educational opportunities:

The National Hemophilia Program Coordinating Center (NHPCC) is expanding the capacity of the HTCs to incorporate continuous quality improvement into their clinical practices through a national Quality Improvement Program. This is in collaboration with The Dartmouth Institute Microsystem Academy (TDIMA) focused on establishing a network of ATHN coaches and HTC quality improvement (QI) sites.

After completion of the training program, the coaches will:

  1. Understand the science of QI
  2. Facilitate QI teams learning QI methodologies
  3. Become a national resource for HTCs beginning QI programs

After completion of the Quality Team program, the HTC staff will:

  1. Understand the science of QI
  2. Apply their QI knowledge to making changes in their clinical practice to improve the quality of care
  3. Learn and implement effective meeting skills
  4. Implement continuous QI at their HTC

We conduct webinars to inform participating HTCs about progress and updates related to specific research studies or other projects. These interactive working sessions, along with other helpful support tools, lead to success in each project.

  1. Determine progress made in recruiting sites, enrolling patients, collecting data, and reporting on results
  2. Learn from the successes of other participating sites
  3. Overcome barriers by discussing challenges with others

Please visit the ATHN Support Center, a secure community-based resource for ATHN affiliates. Here you’ll find technical support and information to help you get the most out of ATHN tools and research projects including Clinical Manager and Study Manager.

We have an ATHN 101 introduction to ATHN Systems, Initiatives and Projects video that is an invaluable resource for new Clinical Manager users. Additionally, ATHN Support (at provides one-on-one support for all Clinical Manager users.

This recorded webinar will provide a general orientation to ATHN with updates on our various projects. Having a clear understanding of the work ATHN does helps ensure maximum participation and the best possible outcome for all stakeholders.

  1. Learn about ATHN's mission, national database, ATHNdataset, and systems
  2. Understand ATHN's relationship with HTCs
  3. Recognize ATHN's spectrum of projects