We're collecting data, connecting people—and making progress.

ATHN is partnering with hemophilia treatment centers (HTCs)—our ATHN Affiliates—across the country on a number of innovative projects. They vary in focus, but each project is using ATHN's secure data resources to gain a better understanding of the issues affecting people with bleeding and blood clotting disorders—and each project is helping to drive progress.

Here are some of the national projects ATHN and our Affiliated HTCs are working on to support important research and improve care.

These important projects are happening at HTCs all over the United States. If you are a patient interested in learning more about any of our current projects, talk to your HTC team.

If you are a provider and interested in working with ATHN on one of our current projects or a researcher interested in proposing a project, please email us at support@athn.org.