We're working with HTCs to transform care for you—and the bleeding disorders community.

Your hemophilia treatment center (HTC) is part of the American Thrombosis and Hemostasis Network (ATHN). This means it is part of a special group of HTCs across the country that are working with ATHN to improve the quality of life for people with bleeding and clotting disorders. ATHN is helping HTCs by building safe and secure national health data resources that can be used to support vital research and ultimately improve care.

As a member of the bleeding and clotting disorders community, you have the unique ability to participate in important research projects aimed at improving care for people with bleeding disorders. The more patients participate, the more data can be collected, and the more beneficial it can be for you—and the bleeding disorders community.

When you participate in an ATHN project, you are helping to:

  • Increase knowledge of bleeding and clotting disorders and treatments
  • Better understand the clinical, social, and economic issues affecting patients and their families
  • Keep a closer watch on the safety of FDA-approved therapies
  • Improve community support, advocacy, and education

ATHN Research Projects

Right now, patients across the U.S. are participating in ATHN national projects including the ATHNdataset, Community Counts – CDC Public Health Surveillance Project for Bleeding Disorders, My Life, Our Future, ATHN 1 – Cardiovascular Disease in the Hemophilia Population, ATHN 2 – Factor Switching Study, ATHN 4 – Transition of Care for Patients with VTE, and others.

Using Technology to Improve Care

ATHN is working with your HTC to provide the following technologies and services that can help improve your care and quality of life:

A simple app that lets you track your bleeds and infusions wherever you are, from any device.

A flash drive containing your health information that you keep handy at all times in the event of an emergency.

Talk to your HTC today about participating in an ATHN project.