Working With Our Affiliates

We would not be able to carry out our mission without our ATHN Affiliates—a national network of excellence in the care of bleeding and clotting disorders. Today, there are 146 hemophilia treatment centers (HTCs) across the United States that partner with us. By utilizing our national infrastructure for gathering patient health information, these ATHN Affiliates are helping the community gain a better understanding of bleeding and clotting disorders, and then using that knowledge to improve care.

ATHN Affiliates represent the leading treatment centers in the United States. Patient-focused, interdisciplinary teams deliver care to a diverse population of over 52,000 patients with bleeding and clotting disorders. ATHN Affiliates cross the spectrum of health care delivery systems: academic research centers; children's hospitals and freestanding centers.

Using pediatric, adult, and hybrid care models, the HTC network services patients across a lifetime of care in convenient urban, suburban, rural, and outreach locations—some remotely through telemedicine. A wide range of specialty services, including the 340B Drug Pricing Program, dental care, and genetic counseling, may supplement nursing, physical therapy, and social work services.

We work strategically to support and expand our Affiliate network. Since 2008, our Affiliates have experienced tangible financial benefits from the partnership. We support our Affiliates with:

  • Common technology to support care, research, and patient reporting
  • Secure, standardized data collection methods
  • Financial and technical support
  • Integration across projects for more seamless workflow and greater efficiency

ATHN Affiliates contribute to the governance and future direction of ATHN through a wide variety of committees and working groups.