Supporting data management capabilities at HTCs.

ATHN is committed to the long-term sustainability of ATHN Affiliates. Each year, more than 50% of its annual expenditures go to HTCs in the form of financial support, grants/awards, project payments and infrastructure. This support enables hemophilia treatment centers (HTCs) at the local level to build and strengthen data management capacity, participate in ATHN projects, and collaborate with colleagues. This funding ensures that HTCs can build and strengthen their ability to contribute to a robust and accurate national database.

Since 2008, through the ATHN Data Quality Counts program, we have awarded over $4.2 million in funding to increase the capacity of HTCs to collect and maintain secure, accurate, and standardized data for the ATHNdataset. This program helps to ensure that all HTCs, irrespective of size or ability to fund, can contribute to this important community resource.

Project-Specific Funding
ATHN can serve as both sponsor and broker of projects. Through its collaboration with the Hemophilia and Thrombosis Research Society (HTRS), ATHN offers the DREAM Award to support mentored research using the ATHNdataset. Through its role as the National Hemophilia Program Coordinating Center (NHPCC), ATHN funds projects of national significance to increase access to and quality of care for patients with bleeding disorders. Community Counts public health surveillance in bleeding disorders and ATHN sponsored research bring performance-based resources for data collection and related study activities.

To learn more about our funding opportunities, visit grants.