Together, we're building a better understanding.

We are proud to partner with 146 hemophilia treatment centers (HTCs)—our ATHN Affiliates—across the country to harness the impact of a national system for research and care delivery. Toward that end, ATHN provides tools, services and support to Affiliates as we collaborate on projects aimed at learning more about how to improve the lives of people with bleeding and clotting disorders.

Among these projects is the ATHNdataset, a safe, secure national database of patient health information. The vitally important information that makes up the ATHNdataset is helping providers and researchers gain a better understanding of bleeding and clotting disorders. Using the ATHNdataset for quality improvement and research, we strive to advance knowledge, transform care, and ultimately improve lives.

We are also engaged with ATHN Affiliates to collaborate on other innovative surveillance, research and quality improvement projects that use ATHN's secure data resources to gain a better understanding of the issues affecting people with bleeding and clotting disorders.

Learn more about the national projects we're working on with our ATHN Affiliates.

To learn more about the HTCs that are our ATHN Affiliates, view our ATHN Affiliate Directory.