ATHN Grants & Awards

ATHN provides support to expand data management capacity at the hemophilia treatment center (HTC) level and to fund research projects. These investments are designed to enrich the ATHNdataset, as well as to increase knowledge—ultimately transforming the care of patients with bleeding and clotting disorders.

We are committed to removing financial barriers that preclude any federally funded U.S. HTC from actively contributing to the ATHNdataset. We are also committed to helping investigators to pilot test and carry out research initiatives by providing access to critical funding.

ATHN's primary funding opportunities include:

Data Quality Counts
Offered annually since 2008, this competitive award provides crucial financial assistance to HTCs to build their data management capacity and enrich the ATHNdataset.

This mentored research award is offered to young investigators through the collaboration of Hemophilia and Thrombosis Research Society (HTRS) and ATHN for specific research projects utilizing the ATHNdataset.

CARE Award
This new research opportunity for nurses, social workers, and other members of the HTC interdisciplinary care team is designed to harness the power of the ATHNdataset to help HTC professionals answer practical questions—and ultimately drive improvements in patient care.