CARE Award—Transforming care with the ATHNdataset.

ATHN is pleased to offer the ATHN CARE Award—Care through ATHNdataset Research and Evidence. This new research opportunity is for nurses, social workers, and other members of the HTC interdisciplinary care team. The CARE Award will give recipients the chance to use the power of real-world data in the ATHNdataset to answer research questions and ultimately, drive improvements in patient care.

This award is made possible through an educational grant from Novo Nordisk.

Harnessing the power of the ATHNdataset, the CARE Award is designed to assist HTC professionals in answering practical questions. Some examples of potential research projects include:

  • Prophylaxis use at HTCs – Examine the extent to which prophylaxis has been incorporated into care at HTCs, as well as its use by state, payer, age, race, and other measures to identify barriers to and gaps in care.
  • Adherence to therapeutic recommendations – Evaluate Veritas Pro and compare interventions.
  • Overweight and obesity in patients with bleeding disorders – Address weight-based vs. ideal body weight dosing and compare to annual bleed rate and costs.
  • Transition of care – Document time to first visit in an adult HTC, adherence to prophylaxis, and bleed rates before and after transition.
  • ITI treatment outcomes – Retrospectively document dosing, bleeding episodes, infection rate, success, and time to success.

While furthering ATHN's mission to advance knowledge and transform care, the CARE Award provides a valuable career enrichment opportunity for dedicated HTC professionals.

Award Information

  • Eligibility – Members of the interdisciplinary team, including nurses, advanced practice providers, social workers, physical therapists and genetic counselors, at ATHN-affiliated HTCs may apply for the CARE Award. Eligible proposals must utilize data from the ATHNdataset.
  • Funding – The award offers up to $50,000 per recipient for projects lasting up to one year.



Webinar for Prospective Applicants

February 23, 2017

Deadline for Pre-Proposals

March 30, 2017

Invitation for Full Proposals

May 2017

Full Proposals Due

July 15, 2017

Award Recipients Announced at 2017 Data Summit

Fall 2017

Final Reports Due

October 2018

Poster or Presentation at 2018 Data Summit

Fall 2018

ATHN is grateful to Novo Nordisk for making this award possible through a medical education grant.


If you have any questions about the CARE Award, email