Together, we’re building a better understanding.

ATHN provides tools, services and support to Affiliates as we collaborate on projects aimed at learning more about how to improve the lives of people with bleeding and clotting disorders.

We’re using technology to streamline data management and the foundation of our seamless, integrated data management infrastructure is ATHN Clinical Manager—a customized tool that enables clinicians to gather, manage, and analyze patient demographic, clinical, and genetic information.

ATHN Clinical Manager

ATHN Clinical Manager is a streamlined interface that provides greater efficiency and flexibility in the data entry process. It allows HTCs to record data only once and then reuse it over and over as needed—for care, clinic management, research, surveillance, and reporting to federal and state agencies. Clinical Manager requires minimal local information technology (IT) support, protects patient confidentiality, and guards data security.

ATHN Clinical Manager provides our HTC Affiliates with a powerful management tool that is:

  • Specific for bleeding and clotting disorders
  • Easy to use and technically supported by
  • Safe, secure, and backed up regularly
  • Making data available 24x7 for care, surveillance, and research

ATHN Study Manager

ATHN Study Manager has been designed to seamlessly integrate with ATHN Clinical Manager, the network’s system of choice for clinical research, now deployed across all ATHN Affiliates. Using the ATHN infrastructure saves time and minimizes errors in start-up and study implementation.


We’re connecting patients and providers for better care—anywhere. A simple way to measure treatment effectiveness is to monitor an individual’s annual bleed rate. ATHNadvoy not only makes it easy for patients to log bleeds and infusions in minutes—any time, any place—from any computer or mobile device, but they can instantly share that information with their care providers to help increase the precision of treatment.

Hemophilia treatment centers (HTCs) use the patient-reported information to customize patient care plans. Information about breakthrough bleeds, the amount of factor needed to resolve bleeding episodes, and prophylaxis regimen use helps providers identify problem areas before they become severe, and pinpoint activities that may have led to bleeding.

Through ATHNadvoy, patient data is stored, managed, and protected side-by-side with other clinical information as part of ATHN Clinical Manager. With patient authorization, bleed and infusion data can also be used for research and surveillance.

The ATHNadvoy bleed log is available to all patients, regardless of the brand of factor they use. In addition, ATHN is working with our industry partners to integrate other bleed logs with Clinical Manager.

For more information about ATHNadvoy email


ATHNready supports continuity of care across the health care delivery system. Developed in collaboration with hemophilia treatment centers (HTCs) across the country with funding from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), this patient-specific electronic report helps ensure that providers can easily access patient health information in the event of an emergency or disaster.

Using a structured report template provided by ATHN with the data in ATHN Clinical Manager, an HTC can provide an ATHNready Personal Health Report to their patients on a portable flash drive. The report is generated through ATHN Clinical Manager and includes the patient's diagnosis and treatment details, along with HTC and emergency contact information.

ATHNready was funded in part by CDC grant #27DD000319.

For more information about ATHNready, contact

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