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National Projects

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  • Community Counts
    The CDC Public Health Surveillance Project for Bleeding Disorders is making new developments on inhibitor incidence, prevalence, trends, and factors.
  • ATHNdataset
    Researchers are using this valuable community resource to better understand factor VIII and IX deficiency, von Willebrand disease, and more.

    Wonder what is in the ATHNdataset?
    View an ATHN Research Report Brief


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  • Quality Initiatives
    Learn how the science and process of quality improvement, combined with evidence-based practices and tools can help HTCs track quality improvement using national quality indicators.
  • Action Guide
    Get the Action Guide for Improving Care for People with Bleeding Disorders—a go-to resource for national quality improvement focusing on the transition from pediatric to adult care.

Upcoming Events

APR, 2018
Hemophilia Alliance Hill Day and Physician's Meeting
Washington, DC
APR, 2018
Hemophilia Federation of America Annual Symposium
Cleveland, OH
OCT, 2018
ATHN Data Summit 2018
Chicago, IL

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