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The American Thrombosis and Hemostasis Network (ATHN) is a nonprofit organization committed to advancing and improving care for individuals affected by bleeding and thrombotic disorders. ATHN manages a national database of patient health data that can be used to improve care and support vital research.

Improving Patient Care

ATHN is using technology in new, exciting and important ways to help care providers improve clinical results, prevent care disruption, support research, expand collaboration and protect confidentiality of data.

Technology tools for patients will help ensure seamless, individualized care, especially during an emergency or while traveling. Working with ATHN, patients, chapters and others will find supporting data to support community education, and advocate on insurance and wellness issues.

Supporting Treatment Centers

Using technology and the power of the web, ATHN is paving the way for providers to improve the quality of care for patients with bleeding and thrombotic disorders in many new and important ways. ATHN helps care providers improve clinical results, prevent care disruption, support research, expand collaboration and protect confidentiality.

Treatment centers across the country are experiencing tangible benefits of the ATHN Affiliate partnership. ATHN provides an array of support services—including technical support, report templates, patient education materials and training programs—to streamline implementation, maximize efficiency, optimize data and improve quality of care.

Securing Data

ATHN protects data quality, privacy and security, and awards funding for data management support through HIPAA privacy- and security-compliant data management policies, procedures, training programs and support.

On a national level, ATHN supports quality and consistency of data by deploying recognized data standards and self-audit processes. At the local level, ATHN is developing a process for providing financial support for data managers to ensure that all ATHN Affiliates can contribute to a robust and accurate database.

Advancing Research

ATHN strives to be the most convenient, accessible and sought-after network and database to facilitate a broad range of research in bleeding disorders.

The work of ATHN will help ensure that health care decisions, at the individual as well as population level, are optimally based on complete, standardized information, as opposed to fragmented data that must be pieced together. The ATHN database will produce the breadth and scope of standardized data needed to better understand bleeding and blood clotting disorders, analyze clinical outcomes and improve standards of care.

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