Data Quality Counts is helping HTCs enrich the ATHNdataset.

The promise of using data for research, surveillance, and quality improvement relies on data that is complete and accurate. Data Quality Counts provides the critical funding needed to build data management capacity across the network of HTCs and enrich the ATHNdataset.

Through Data Quality Counts, over $4.2 million has been invested in ATHN-affiliated HTCs. The award is supported in part by the Hemophilia Alliance, The Alliance Pharmacy, and the Indiana Hemophilia and Thrombosis Center. As a competitive award, funding is based on overall strength of the application, demonstration of the capacity to fulfill ATHN’s priorities, and a compelling financial need.

Successful applicants of Round 8.1 (2016-2017) receive an initial $2,500 for base funding and $50 per patient after the core data elements are entered into the ATHNdataset. New this cycle, payment is increased to $100 per newly authorized patient with rare coagulation disorders that are enrolled in the ATHNdataset. Applicants are encouraged to also enroll patients in the Community Counts Registry for Bleeding Disorders Surveillance.

Applicant organizations must:

  • Be an ATHN Affiliate
  • Use ATHN Clinical Manager

For applicants with 340B programs more than two years old, it is necessary to explain why funds are not available to support data management staff.

All recipients are expected to:

  • Enroll new patients with bleeding and clotting disorders into the ATHNdataset
  • Capture a complete set of core data elements for each patient
  • Confirm completeness and accuracy of data in the ATHNdataset through participation in the ATHN data quality plan.

Data Quality Counts

Deadline for Submission

Estimated Start Date

Round 8.1

Closed May 2016

July 1, 2016

Round 9.1

May 2017

July 1, 2017

If you have any questions about Data Quality Counts, contact