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ATHNadvoy is the leading web-based and mobile tool used by patients to track bleeding episodes and infusions for prophylaxis and treatment of bleeds. Treatment Centers use the patient reported information to customize patient care plans and patients appreciate the value that ATHNadvoy contributes to their care.

Baxter originally developed ADVOY in 2001 and donated the tool to ATHN in 2010 when it was renamed ATHNadvoy.

Now ATHNadvoy has a new, updated look with a simplified workflow to make it easier than ever to rapidly enter bleeding events and treatment data.

The New ATHNadvoy

Quicker, Simpler, Smarter


The new ATHNadvoy mobile application for the iPhone, iPod touch or iPad.

Mobile screenshot

Some new features include:

Prophy Quick Entry – add a prophy dose in two simple clicks.
Multiple Prophy Entry – add up to six prophy entries at once.
Monthly Usage Graph – clearly displayed to the right of the calendar and shows total usage for the past three months. It is automatically updated as treatments are added.
Usage Reports – many can now be exported to Microsoft Excel or to a PDF.
HTC contact info – Can be quickly viewed and is always kept up to date by the HTC.

Product barcode scanning is available through the mobile app for speedy entry.

Get started now by setting up your account

Upgrading to the new ATHNadvoy is easy. Simply create a new user account by clicking here and onscreen instructions will walk you through the process. Now you are ready to login at and follow the prompts to request access to the new ATHNadvoy. All patients must create a new account in order to use the new ATHNadvoy – even if you already had an account with the previous version of ATHNadvoy.

HTC users must also create a new account in order to use the new ATHNadvoy. However, if you recently created an ATHN account when registering for the ATHN Data Summit 2011, you do not need to register again. ATHN technology services have been improved so you will have one universal username and password for all ATHN services.

If you are not an ATHNadvoy user but would like to get started, talk to your treatment center about ATHNadvoy today.

What you Need

To use ATHNadvoy you need:

  • A computer (MAC or PC)
  • An internet connection for your computer (broadband is recommended)

To use ATHNadvoy mobile patients need:

Support and Training

ATHN has developed a training schedule for HTCs. Sign-up is required. Training is posted to the ATHN news and events page.

ATHN has developed an educational flyer and companion article about the new ATHNadvoy. Download them now to share with patients, publish in your newsletter and print for distribution.


ATHN's rigorous privacy policy ensures that all patient data is protected and kept confidential. ATHNadvoy is available to all patients, regardless of the brand of factor they use and whether or not they have used ATHNadvoy in the past.

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Supported by a donation from Baxter Healthcare Corporation

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