Identifying the technical assistance needed to support HTCs.

As part of its goal to serve as a bridge among the regional core centers, the NHPCC is working with Regional Leadership to provide technical assistance to HTCs nationwide. The NHPCC conducted the first-ever HTC Technical Needs Assessment, an online survey of HTC staff to better understand their needs in the areas of knowledge, training, tools, and resources for the purpose of improving care for patients with blood disorders.

With a 97.9% HTC response rate, we learned that top technical assistance needs from the perspective of staff are Clinical Manager (formerly WebTracker) training, staff development, grants and financial support, lifespan transition, 340B Drug Pricing Program and geographic access. Based on the findings, the NHPCC has established work groups to address needs for staff development, adolescent transition of care, and the 340B program.

To learn more about the HTC Technical Needs Assessment, please view the following documents: