ATHN 1: A Cross-Sectional Analysis of Cardiovascular Disease in the Hemophilia Population

ATHN 1 is a cross-sectional observational study aimed at understanding whether men with hemophilia are protected from cardiovascular disease (CVD). Using the ATHNdataset and study-specific data, the study seeks to identify the risk factors and prevalence of CVD in older men with hemophilia A and B, and compare this data to the general population.

Progress in the ATHN 1 study shows that older men with moderate to severe hemophilia commonly report risk factors for CVD. Despite this finding, the prevalence of reported CVD is low (9.7%), which suggests that men with hemophilia may be protected from forming disease-causing blood clots.

Another finding suggests that older men with hemophilia may be at greater risk of kidney disease. The next phase of ATHN 1 will determine the risk factors and prevalence of kidney disease among the study participants.

To learn more about the study findings of ATHN 1, see the ATHN CV.