Grants & Awards

ATHN Grants & Awards

ATHN's safe and secure national patient health data resource—the ATHNdataset—is a growing community resource. It's helping to improve patient care and outcomes, support vital research, and advance collaboration and advocacy.

Data Quality Counts

Funding 7.1 Application Process is now closed.

To support the ATHN Affiliate network comprised of over 135 federally-funded hemophilia treatment centers, ATHN has invested over $3M in building data management capacity at these centers through the Data Quality Counts program.

This competitive award is focused on enriching the ATHNdataset and the funding process is now open for Data Quality Counts 7.1. Learn more now.


An HTRS and ATHN Mentored Research Award

Turn a dream into a reality.

The HTRS / ATHN Dataset Research Engagement and ATHN Mentorship Award is the first research award offered through the collaboration of HTRS and ATHN. Learn more now.