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ATHN has rolled out a new component of our data management infrastructure – ATHN Clinical Manager. ATHN Clinical Manager replaces WebTracker and will complement ATHN Study Manager and ATHNadvoy. We are excited to bring you a more streamlined interface with multiple functionality enhancements that will facilitate greater efficiency and flexibility in the data entry process.

  • Clinical Manager is a customized web-based tool that enables clinicians to gather, manage, and analyze patient medical information specific to the needs of the blood disorders community. Clinical Manager enables hemophilia treatment centers to record data once and reuse it over and over again—for care, clinic management, research, and reporting to federal/state agencies. Patients who choose to participate in the ATHNdataset share a limited amount of non-identifiable data related to their care with ATHN. Clinical Manager reduces duplicate data entry, requires less IT support locally, and protects confidentiality.

    Clinical Manager provides ATHN Affiliates with a powerful clinical patient management tool:

  • Specific for bleeding disorders
  • Secure and backed-up
  • Making data available to the treatment center for care, surveillance, and research
  • ATHNadvoy. Responding to the community’s desire for one national database, Baxter has donated Advoy® to ATHN. Renamed ATHNadvoy and managed by ATHN, patient data can be stored and managed side-by-side with other data under the stewardship of ATHN. Treatment center and patient consent was received prior to the transfer of historical data.

    ATHNadvoy is the first and most-used electronic log for bleed and infusion
    reporting. ATHNadvoy makes it easier than ever for patients to electronically log bleeds and infusions in minutes from a computer or mobile device. For the first time ever, patient information can be protected and managed side-by-side with comprehensive clinical information at more than 130 ATHN-affiliated treatment centers. This ensures patient confidentiality while further advancing clinical understanding.

    Because ATHNadvoy is managed by ATHN, patients and healthcare providers can gather and review important treatment details—and detect trends that may improve clinical outcomes.

Learn more about ATHNadvoy.

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