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My Life, Our Future – Genotyping is the key to unlocking hemophilia.

My Life, Our Future is a nationwide, pioneering program created to help solve the mysteries of hemophilia. It is designed to help uncover genetic information that can be used by physicians to individualize care, as well as to provide data that may lead to new scientific discoveries and breakthrough treatments.

Much like a fingerprint, genotype can provide meaningful information about hemophilia—for patients and doctors. It has the power to help patients understand their family's mutation, offer clues to inhibitor risk, provide a window into bleeding severity, and take a step toward better treatment.

Hemophilia treatment centers (HTCs) across the country can offer genotyping to the patients they serve—at little or no cost. My Life, Our Future is now also open to confirmed and potential carriers through the end of 2017. It involves a quick blood test that will provide a lifetime of information.

To support future research, My Life Our Future is designed to create a repository of de-identified genetic mutation data and samples that will be open to researchers worldwide for scientifically sound research projects. Each research project will be subject to rigorous review to determine feasibility and scientific integrity prior to approval. The review process will be conducted by an independent, multidisciplinary review committee, under the stewardship of the ATHN Research Committee.

For decades, the hemophilia community has worked together in hopes of a brighter future. This initiative was founded through a partnership between ATHN, NHF, Bloodworks Northwest (formerly Puget Sound Blood Center), and Biogen. Now, we can pass something powerful to the next generation—knowledge.

My Life, Our Future - Research Repository Now Open!

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